Thursday, 16 August 2012

An Angel Appears

Today there was an angel :)
Esme missed 2 years of her shcool life due to the anorexic demon. Over the last year angels have been fighting hard for her and claimed a major victory.
She has just finished her first year in college where she took the GCSEs the demon stole from her and an AS in Art.
She passed her maths with flying colours and is waiting for her English and Science results.
AS results today made  the happy, confident girl peep through. She announced her A result quietly and without fuss via a FB private message to me.... 'Well done' I chirp up the stairs, 'Never doubted it'.
She checks her score (slightly more subdued due to the perfectionist in her)
I am so proud of her, not just because she passed her exam with flying colours but because she has had to battle hard against all odds to attain that. She is truly inspiring and I love her.

So Looking Back

I was sorting through some drawers and came across a couple of notebooks I began to write in 2008. I never really kept them up very well, and have several of them with little snippets of life in.

Tues 24th March:
Dr ***** rang me at work to tell me that Esme needed to get up to the hospital for further examinations. Heart rate only 35 - . Rang the surgery to ask them for referral. Duty doc would not refer... He couldn't see the emergency.
Weds  25th March:
Saw Dr # who spoke to Dr ***** on the phone. After more ' waiting ' appointment was made for Esme at hosp the next day...thanks to 2 people.
Thurs 26th March:
At hosp for almost 9 hours, more blood tests, another ECG - very thorough check. Very concerned about eating issues. Found a bed for Esme at ED clinic for tomorrow.

SO after a few tantrums and 'I give up's..... Are you sitting comfortably?.........Then I shall begin :)


Hi fellow bloggers. My name is Carla (aka Kittenwiskas).
I've been thinking about making a blog for such a long time and have either not got around to it, or have sat in front of the PC staring helplessly at it having absolutely no clue where to start. SO in the early hours of this morning when all these thoughts started running around my head (like hundreds of Bolts doing the relay race) I decided "Today is the day"
So here I am typing some 'tosh' after my daughter guided me through the simple steps... 'But I want to make it look pretty' says I....'How do I do the background and stuff?'
'Mum just type something about yourself first, then you can do all that' she sighs...Then she leaves the room (rather sensibly I feel) as I am about to embark on a journey of    CREATING A BLOG........................